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General Dental Advice

The Practice provides all types of general dental care as follows:


A regular dental examination is a vital part of ensuring good dental health. This is based on a detailed visual examination of your mouth to check for any problem areas.

We can only advise you what would be the best course of treatment to address the problems that our examination finds. It is your mouth, and at all times, you are in control of what treatment you want and allow us to perform for you.

Fillings (available as white or silver)

A filling replaces part of a tooth that has been lost or removed because of dental decay. Many people prefer white tooth coloured fillings rather than metal ones, and some people choose to replace existing fillings with white alternatives.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal treatment is needed when the tooth is infected through decay or injury, which may spread and eventually lead to tooth loss. The aim of this treatment is to remove all infection, after which the root is cleaned and filled to prevent further infection.

Crowns and Bridges

When a tooth is very broken down it is necessary to provide a crown. This involves trimming the tooth down to a cylindrical shape, taking a mould, and asking a laboratory to manufacture a crown, which is subsequently cemented in place with a special adhesive. Modern all ceramic glass crowns and bridges offer superior appearance, hygiene, strength and durability.

Tooth removal

Teeth sometimes need to be extracted, although this is quite rare these days. Extractions are normally carried out under local anaesthetic and are usually quick with minimal discomfort.


Dentures have been used to replace teeth since the days of the building of the Pyramids. Well-made dentures will make you look good, allow you to eat almost all foods without embarrassment, and will restore normal facial shape around the mouth.

It is worth considering dental implants alongside dentures. Very often any movement of a denture can be prevented by placement of dental implants to “lock” the denture into position. Dentures last for many years, but they and the mouth should be checked once a year. Dentures will need to be replaced after about five years

Gum treatments

Periodontal treatments are designed to treat gum disease if it is present. They are very common treatments because the majority of adults suffer from some form of gum disease ranging from very mild through to severe. Periodontal treatments include scaling the teeth to remove tartar and plaque.


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